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It is very easy to have electronic versions of almost all KYC documents these days. Passports are no exception. Passport is not left behind in this race.

Dr S Jaishankar, the Foreign Minister, has said that Indian citizens will be able to obtain e-Passports with enhanced security features in the near future.

This article is a brief description of what an e-Passport is and what it can do.

What is E Passport?

E-Passports are passports with chip that enable travelers to travel easily, without having to produce other papers, like a trip report or an invoice. But it is exactly the same as a regular passport in terms of the application process, the information that it needs, and the way it is verified.

Feature of E Passport 

There are 41 security features that an e-passport has to provide. It is valid for five or 10 years depending on how old the entrant is.

Some of These Future are-

  1. The bearer must provide biometric information.
  2. Information about the life of the bearer.
  3. Fingerprints of all 10 fingers that the bearer has on his hand.
  4. These are the Iris scans that are attached to the bearer’s body.
  5. Photograph of the bearer taken in colour.
  6. Signed digitally by the bearer.
  7. Holograms embossed on a laminated film that appear to change colour and move when exposed to light.

Benefits of E – Passport

In India, e-Passports have several benefits that are unique to India.

  • Passengers who have an e-passport do not need to wait for a long time, it can be scanned instantly.
  • It stores biometric data of all citizens. It will help prevent people from doing things like data piracy and making duplicate passports.
  • If the chip is tampered with, the passport will be invalid.
  • We cannot erase data from this machine.

How to Apply For E- Passport?

The process of applying for e-passports in India is the same as applying for a regular passport (MRP). The procedure for applying for an e-passport is similar to applying for a regular passport.

  • If you are not already registered, visit Passport Seva and click on Register Now or Login with your existing ID.
  • Click Apply for a New Passport or Re-issue Passport.
  • Provide all the details and Click “Submit”.
  • Click on Pay and Schedule Appointment to pay for your services.
  • Upon completing this process, print the receipt or show the acknowledgement SMS at PSK/POPSK/PO.

Documents are Needed For An E – Passport

The information you need to apply for an e-passport is the same as a regular passport. First-time applicants need to present the following documents:-

  • Aadhar Card
  • Address Prof
  • telephone Bill
  • Water Bill
  • Rent Agrement
  • Proof Of Gas cannection
  • Bank Pasbook
  • Telephone Bill
  • Passport copy of spouse on the first and last page with the applicant’s name on it. Also, the applicant’s current address should match that of the spouse mentioned in the passport.
  • Date of Birth Proof- You can provide any one of the following documents to prove your date of birth:-
  • Birth certificate from a legitimate official
  • Pan Card
  • Driving Licence
  • Voter Id Card
  • Life Insurence Policy

Candidates for re-issuance of passports with regular validity have to submit the following documents:

  • Original Passport
  • Coppy of passport 1st page & Last Page
  • Page about observations.
  • ECR or Non ECR Page

What Makes an e-Passport Different from a Regular Passport?

Passports issued by India are equipped with a chip that allows for more secure transactions than those issued by other countries. It better links a passport to its original owner and prevents the passport from being counterfeited.

Passports that are used regularly or passports that are machine-readable (MRP) are equipped with pages that allow an optical reader to read the data on the passport, and which allow an optical reader to scan the data to identify the owner.

How Do Chip Based e-Passports Work?

An e-Passport uses an embedded rectangular antenna type electronic chip to enable 64-kilobyte storage.

Indians must know what an e-Passports is and who made it.

It was developed by the association of three of the most important engineering institutes in India.

  • National Informatics Centre (NIC). 
  • Indian Institute of Technology-Kanpur
  • India Security Press and the Ministry of External Affairs officials.

It will comply with all relevant International Civil Aviation Organisation standards so that it can work seamlessly across the world. It is designed to prevent data from being accessed by anyone who is a distance from it.

Where Can You Use an e-Passport?

Presently, e-Passports are used in around 120 countries worldwide. Anyone can use their e-Passports for any international trip or as a valid proof of identity.

You now understand what an e-Passports is and why it is beneficial for governments as well as for citizens. The issuance of this electronic passport with a chip inside will improve security and expedite passport verification during travel.


What is the disadvantage of dual citizenship?

Yes, e-passports are available in India since 2021. Anybody applying for a new passport or re-issue of the passport will get an e-passport.

What is E- Passport?

An e-Passport is a chip-enabled passport that includes a biometric identification card that strengthens the transparency and security of travel documents. It is just as secure as a regular passport. However, it is no different from a normal passport in terms of how it is applied for, verified, and stored.


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