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Friends if you like to watch youtube videos and watch vlogs. So you must have also heard the name of Sourav Joshi Vlog and also seen his videos. Sourav Joshi is becoming very famous today because of his vlog.

Sourav Joshi Biography

Friends, nowadays the craze of vlog channels on youtube is very high, everyone is making their vlog channel and showing their lifestyle to the people through videos, many people are becoming very famous in the category of vlog and their name and both the names. We are earning, the craze of vlog channel in our India has increased so much in the last three years that everyone is sitting by opening their vlog channel but only a few people have got success.

Today we are going to tell about one such famous blog creator who started his vlog channel in lockdown and became India’s number one vlogger today.

Friends, today in this post we will talk about Saurav Joshi who started his vlog channel sitting at home in lockdown in 2020 and within two years he won the title of India’s number one vlog channel. His channel currently has over 13.5 million subscribers and is the number one vlog channel in India.

Friends Sourabh Joshi Join the staff working with your channel Join your business Connect with your family Join your family Vlog channel Sourav Joshi Join the arts with Videos Upload with Arts Channel. Ever since Sourav which aired on the channel, SE TV’s videos are garnering 4 to 8 views.

So let’s know about Sourabh Joshi biography, how he became India’s number one vlogger within just Two years.

NameSourav Joshi
Age 22 Years 6 Month
Birth8 Sep 1999
BussinessYou Tuber
Education12th, BFA 
Birth PlaceUttarakhand
Original ResidenceUttarakhand ( Dehradun)

Sourav Joshi Birth, Place, Family

Saurav Joshi is the No.1 V logger of India, but people know him more by the name of Saurabh Joshi Vlogs, he was born on 8 Ser 1999 in Someshwar, Almora, Uttarakhand state, India. Shortly after his birth he came and started living in Haryana. His entire childhood was spent in Haryana and Saurav Joshi studied from here.

His parents, his siblings and his uncles and aunts also live in the same family, he also has Piyush Joshi and Sahil Joshi, who plays the lead role in his video, Saurav Joshi in his family. The grandmother also lives there.

Friends, Piyush Joshi definitely stays with Sourav Joshi all the time, but let us tell you that Piyush Joshi is not the real brother of Saurabh Joshi, he is the son of his uncle who lives with him in his family.

FatherHarindar Joshi
MotherHema Joshi
BrotherKunal, Piyush Joshi, Sahil Joshi

Saurav Joshi lives with his parents along with his brothers Sahil Joshi and Piyush Joshi. Sourav is accompanied by his grand-mother. Saurav’s family also includes his uncle and aunt who live in Saurav Joshi village. Piyush is also not Saurav’s brother, he is the son of his uncle who lives in Dehradun with Saurav Joshi.

Sourav Joshi Early Life

Saurav Joshi lives in a normal family and his mother’s name is Hema Joshi. He lives with his uncle’s son Piyush Joshi and Saurav Joshi’s close brother Sahil Joshi.

Childhood Education Qualificiation

Sourav Joshi was born in Almora district of Uttarakhand. He later moved with his family to Haryana where he spent all his childhood. He is the son of mother Hema Joshi and has a brother Sahil Joshi. He lived in Haryana with his uncle’s son Piyush Joshi and his brother.

Sourav Joshi completed his primary education from Govt High School in Hisar, Haryana and after that he completed his college from Punjab Group of Colleges. Sourav Joshi also holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

SchoolGovt. High School in Hisar
CollegePunjab Group of Colleges
DegreeBachler of fine Arts

Joshi Career Journey

Saurav Joshi did his YouTube debut with the Arts channel, named Saurav Joshi Arts, and used to put art videos on this channel which was very popular and Saurabh Joshi was also very successful in this channel. At present, this channel has more than 28 lakh subscribers. But Saurav Joshi has now stopped working on this channel. Earlier it used to be a YouTube channel of Saurabh Joshi and also he had opened a channel named Saurav Joshi Vlogs, but Sourav did not put many videos on that channel.

But after this Saurav Joshi started putting videos on his vlog channel in March 2020, because at this time there was a lockdown due to the coronavirus in the country, so he was sitting at home, so an idea came to his mind, why not? I started posting daily vlogs and started posting more videos.


His Sourav Joshi Vlog Channel went viral very fast, becoming the fastest going viral channel in the category of Vlog Channels in India and after that Sourav Joshi also became India’s number one blogger in no time. Saurav Joshi became India’s number one vlog channel, leaving behind many big vlog channels.

Sourabh Joshi shows his routine and his lifestyle on this channel, he makes videos with his family and if he travels here and there, he shoots his vlog videos and puts them on his channel, mostly his Routine and lifestyle. People put their videos only, more than Forty-Five lakh people watch each of their videos.

Saurabh Joshi is very active on social media, today many people come to meet him, and sometimes there are disputes with him, due to which he also becomes a victim of controversies on YouTube. Recently, the controversy with Manoj Dey is in great discussion work.

Sourav Joshi Net Worth

Looking at Sourav Joshi’s YouTube channel, it can be said that the total earning from his YouTube so far is around 1 crore. Sourav Joshi earns 18 to 25 lakh rupees every month from YouTube. There is no specific information about the total wealth of Sourav Joshi.

Sourav Achivement & Net Worth

Monthly Income21 Lakh +
Total Net Worth3.5 Crore
BikeHF deluxe & a KTM 200 duke
CarMahindra Thar, Fortuner Legender

Sourav Joshi GirlFriend

No such news is yet known whether he has any girlfriend or not, nor has he made any mention of this.

Nor is there any confirmation that she is in a relationship right now

Who Is Sourav Joshi?

Saurav Joshi is an Indian YouTuber and sketch artist. He was known for his Blog videos instead of drawing. Sourav was Twenty-Two years old and was born on 8 September 1999 in a lower-middle-class family in Kausani village of Bageshwar, Uttarakhand.

Who is the Number 1 Blogger Of India?

Sourav Joshi is the no 1 blogger of india. Afte Gaining feme in making art and sketches he has his own vlog channel. on his vlog channel , he has 8.64 million subscriber, and he is the most popular vlogger in india.


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