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Roman Reigns net worth is estimated to be $12 million as of September 2022.

Roman Reigns is the WWE Heavyweight Champion and he is larger-than-life.

This former NFL star is now the WWE and Universal Champion. He defeated the previous champ, Brock Lesnar, to win his fourth WWE World Championship on April 3, 2022. He defeated the last of his rivals, Brock Lesnar, to win his fourth WWE World Heavyweight Championship in Arlington, Texas, in April 2022.

Roman Reigns may be very rich, but his life has not been easy. He had a major setback in his career when leukemia caused him to stop wrestling.

What is Roman Reigns’ net worth?

Name:Roman Reign’s
Net Worth:$12 Million
Born Date: May 25, 1985
Age: 37
Height:1.91 m (6 ft 3 in)
Country of Origin:United States of America
Source of Wealth:Professional Wrestler
Last Updated:August 2, 2022

Roman Reigns Facts

  • Roman Reign goes by the name Roman Leakee, but his name is Leati Joseph Anoai. He comes from a fighter family. His dad and brother rose to the ring to win championships. Both his father, Sika Anoai, and his brother Rosey fought professionally in wrestling.
  • Rock Johnson is like a cousin to many of his relatives, being a first cousin once removed. Roman is a first cousin of a very close friend of Usos and therefore has many wrestling family members.
  • He is the only man to have eliminated all 12 wrestlers who stepped into the ring during the Royal Rumble. His record of 12 wrestlers being ejected from the ring at the Royal Rumble in 2014 still stands today.
  • Roman Reigns may look rugged on the outside, but he is no dumb jock. Roman Reigns graduated from Georgia Institute of Technology where he majored in management while playing for the Yellow Jackets football team.
  • Renegade appeared on WWE television in 2019 after his leukemia was cured.

Early life and Education

Leati Joseph Anoai was born on May 25, 1985, in Florida, to Sika and Patricia A. Roman Reigns was born Leati Joseph Anoai on May 25, 1985, to Sika and Patricia A. Anoai in Pensacola, Florida. His parents were Leateti Anoai and Patricia A. Anoai. His father was a former American Samoan professional wrestler, Leateti Sika Anoai.

It turns out that he is the brother of actor Matthew Anoai, better known as Rosey. Roman Reign was born into a family that was obsessed with wrestling; he loved to watch football games very much. He loved to play sports, and he enjoyed watching football very much, unlike the rest of his family. Roman attended Pensacola Catholic High School and Escambia High School in Pensacola, Florida. He was a member of the football team at both schools. Roman Reigns was a member of the football team at both schools.

Pensacola News Journal named him the Player of the Year after he won many interscholastic events. After graduating from high school, he applied to the Georgia Institute of Technology.

A former player for the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets Football Team in college, and team captain in his final season. The Minnesota Vikings signed him in 2007 after he was drafted in the NFL Draft. He played from 2008 to 2012 for the Canadian Football League (CFL).


His stints playing professional football for the Minnesota Vikings and the Jacksonville Jaguars were short-lived.

He quickly retired from football to wrestling. He spent one final season with the Edmonton Eskimos.

Gridiron lost the 2009 Super Bowl to the WCW, but wrestling gained some momentum by signing Big Dog. Big Dog joined WWE on 18 August 2010 and debuted in a 15-man all-out battle. He was signed to Florida Championship Wrestling, a WWE territory.

He has won the WWE Championship four times and the WWE Universal Championship two times.

Roman has won several titles in his career, including one in the World Championship and one in the Tag Team Championship. Roman also received the 2014 WWE Superstar of the Year award.

Roman Reigns enjoys being an actor and appeared alongside fellow wrestler Dwayne Rock Johnston in the movie Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw.

He has also ventured into advertising, as he is the face of the popular C4 Energy Drink. He looks great and has many loyal fans.

His many successes in wrestling have helped him become one of the richest wrestlers in the world.

Roman Reigns Career Earnings

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Here’s a look at Roman Reigns’ money over his 10-year career. These figures reflect the minimum guaranteed salaries that wrestlers in the WWE earned. Here are the guaranteed salaries that wrestlers signed with the WWE to receive.

Other income sources include championship bonuses, endorsement deals, and movie and other entertainment fees.

  • Roman Reigns Salary for 2022 – $5 Million
  • Roman Reigns Salary for 2021 – $5 Million
  • Roman Reigns Salary for 2020 – $5 Million
  • Roman Reigns Salary for 2019 – $5 Million
  • Roman Reigns Salary for 2018 – $4.3 Million
  • Roman Reigns Salary for 2017 – $2.1 Million
  • Roman Reigns Salary for 2016 – $2 Million
  • Roman Reigns Salary for 2015 – $1 Million
  • Roman Reigns Salary for 2014 – $314,140
  • Roman Reigns Salary for 2013 – $227,750

Roman Reigns Net Worth Annually

It is difficult to know what a celebrity is worth, but here’s what’s reported to be Roman Reigns’ annual worth.

  1. Net Worth In 2022 – $18 Million
  2. Net Worth In 2021 – $15 Million
  3. Net Worth In 2020 – $13 Million
  4. Net Worth In 2019 – $11 Million
  5. Net Worth In 2018 – $8 Million

Personal Life

Roman was hired by WWE in 2010 for its Developmental Territory Florida Championship Wrestling. Roman Leakee made his debut in 2010 against Richie Steamboat but lost. 

He would lose several more matches before he would be able to beat Fahd Rakma in singles. The following year, he competed in many tag team matches. The Shield was the nickname given to the group after the incident occurred.

Shield has won multiple tag-team matches in a row. Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins defeated Team No. 1 at Extreme Rules and became the new champions of the WWE Tag Team Championship.

Romero was signed by WWE to wrestle as a singles wrestler in the World Heavyweight Championship Contenders in 2014. WWE Heavyweight Championship ladder match. He won the Battle Royal on June 16, 2014; however, he lost the game. He was involved in a heated argument with Randy Orton. He won the Battle Royal on June 16, 2014, but lost the match. He started a quarrel with Randy Orton as a result.

It was because of Rollins’ treachery that the two WWE superstars, who had been enraged by his betrayal, had to form a new company. Rollins beat Ambrose in five matches, but Reigns could not defeat him because of a herniated disc.

But after defeating Daniel Bryan by pinfall, he regained his former glory and retained the title at ‘WrestleMania.’ He then challenged The Big Show and won.

Champion of the Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship, after defeating Del Rio, Ziggler, and Owens in a fatal four-way match.

If Seth Rollins was to be sidelined through injury, the WWE would have to name a new champion for 2011. In the first round of the match, Roman Reigns defeated Big Show and then faced Cesares in the quarterfinals.

Roman defeated Alberto del Rio in the last four and defeated Dean Ambrose in the finals of the WWE heavyweight championship. Roman became the WWE Heavyweight Champion for the first time in his career after defeating Dean Ambrose in the finals.

Mr. McMahon, the CEO of WWE, decided that Roman Reigns and Sheamus should go back into the ring for a second time. Roman Reigns regained his WWE World Heavyweight Championship for the second time.

Reigns defeated Rusev in a match that took place on August 21, 2016; it was his first United States Championship. When they lost on Survivor Series, Royal Rumble, and Extreme Rules they began a feud with John Cena that only lasted for a few weeks.

The Shield briefly reunited with Miz after a brief hiatus due to their difficulties. Ambrose and Rollins reunited briefly in October 2017 during which they defeated McIntyre, Lashley, and Corbin in Reigns’ third match against them. He defeated McIntyre at ‘WrestleMania 35’. In “Extreme Rules” he wrestled with The Undertaker and defeated both McMohan and McIntyre.

This was possible because he had hernia surgery in 2014 which allowed him to come on ‘Raw’ on December 8 and win the Slammy Award for Superstar of the Year.

Awards & Achievements

Roman has received many awards for his athletic abilities.

Here are some of the awards and achievements that he has received:

  • He was the 4th WWE World Heavyweight Champion in 2020.
  • Lost WWE Universal Championship for the second time in 2020.
  • In 2017, he won the WWE Intercontinental Championship.
  • Became the one-time WWE United States Champion in 2016
  • He was the WWE Tag Team Champion in 2013 and 2014.
  • Chosen as the Sports Illustrated Wrestler of the Year in 2022.
  • Wrestler who is an inspiration.
  • He was ranked No. 1 in the PWI 500 of the top male wrestlers in 2016.
  • In 2013 they were named the Best Tag Team in Japan.

How Does Roman Reigns Spend His Money?

Roman, a WWE star who has a very high net worth, has a very large garage filled with expensive cars.

In the mansion where he lives, he owned a supercar called the Mercedes Benz S-Class and a Range Rover. Lamborghini Hurricane is one of the most expensive cars in the world.

The car was bought for $96,000 and a Mercedes Benz 220D was bought for $77,000.

He has a few ordinary, down-to-earth cars in his fleet, including a Toyota FrontRunner, Chevy Equinox, and a Nissan Rogue.

Roman has bought various investment properties throughout the United States.

Roman Reigns’ Career Highlights

Reigns subsequently became a WWE wrestler and were signed by the company in 2010. He made his first big-time appearance as a part of the group, The Shield, in 2012. After the three-star duo split in 2014, Roman Reigns began wrestling as a singles wrestler. Three-time World Heavyweight Champion, one-time WWE United States Champion, one-time WWE Intercontinental Champion, and one-time WWE Tag Team Champion. He was also the winner of the 2015 Royal Rumble and Superstar of the Year.

He holds the WWE record for the most eliminations in a Survivor Series Elimination Match – having been eliminated four times in 2013 alone. He holds the record for most eliminations in Royal Rumble with 12 in the 2014 edition. 


Roman Reigns married Galina Joelle Becker in 2014, after meeting her while they were both students at the Georgia Institute of Technology. The couple had five children together, of which two were identical twins. Roman and Galina had five children together, including four twins.

Medical Issues

Roman Reigns has been diagnosed with leukemia twice in his life. The illness also caused him to lose his nose in a fight with Sheamus. Roman Reigns broke his nose while wrestling with Sheamus and needed surgery to reconstruct his nose.

Favorite Roman Reign Quotes

Here are some of our favorite quotes from Roman Reign:

  • If there’s one thing that I’ve shown that is physically impressive, I’m not scared of the thing being physical.
  • I’m willing to learn anything and I’m happy to converse with people. I love to eavesdrop on people and try to learn their brains. I’m always trying to learn new things and trying to try new things.
  • Don’t focus on negative things. Think about what others are saying to you. Focus on the positive things that people are saying to you. These people are telling you to do what is right because they want you to do what is right. Then, act for them and yourself.
  • Everybody is a critic. Even if you do something good, people want to tear you down. Everyone wants to punish you when you do something well; everybody wants to drag you down when you haven’t done a bad thing.

3 Amazing Lessons From Roman Reigns

Now that you know about Roman Reigns’ net worth, here are some things that we can learn from him:

1. My Family Comes First

WWE champion Royce Gray is from a close-knit family and has always been reminded of this golden rule.

Roman Reigns feels he has nothing that can replace his family; his family is all that matters to him. Roman Reigns is blessed to have a beautiful wife and children who love him unconditionally; he is the envy of the world. His recent health scare and ongoing concerns over the cancer effects have put his success into perspective.

2. Don’t Listen To The Negative

Roman has had his fair share of negativity and abuse from fans.

Despite what naysayers may say, Paul is generally able to reason with those who say something that is not true; he understands that not everyone sees things as he does. He is always resolute even when people say negative things. He tries hard to keep his cool even when people are nagging at him.

Focuses on his work as he should, knowing that his actions speak louder than words when he is performing in front of a large crowd of fans.

3. Your Work Ethic Is Everything

Roman Reigns is very big, and he works hard.

Roman constantly trains his body to be able to endure the rigors of the ring, but every week he meets with his audience to discuss important matters.

Roman is constantly pitching companies for the weekly live shows that help them sell the business of wrestling. Roman has a degree in business management and is well aware of the critical role he plays in ensuring that the business thrives.

He goes to work every day with the kind of attitude and work ethic that shows that a great man is a champion.


Leati Joseph Anoa’i (born 25 May 1985) better known as Roman Reigns is an American professional wrestler and actor who is currently signed with WWE. He performs under the brand Smackdown. He is the son of a wrestler who wrestled as a kid, just like his father. He is a blood relative of the Anoa’i family, who has produced several other famous wrestlers over the years. He was one of the most famous members of the vigilante team known as The Shield. He later decided to go solo in late 2014, taking the role of a modern-day face of WWE who always caused a stir with his fans and critics.

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