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Anastasia Radzinska (or nastya) is a Russian children’s youtuber, vlogger, and social media influencer who lives in Florida. An 8-year-old Russian-American baby who is now famous online. Some of the names of that baby include nastya, nastya, and Stacy.

After doing YouTube videos, he became a fan. In 2021-2022, his earnings from the YouTube partner program reached $260 million. Anstasia Radzinska (similar to nastya and stacie) bio, wiki, weight, age, height, family, parents, net worth, read more.

Name Like Nastya
Real Name Anastasia Radzinskaya
Nick Name Stacy
Age 8 Years ( As in 2021 )
Date of Birth 27th January 2014
Birth Place Krasnodar krai, Southern Russia
Residence Nationality Russian American
Caste Christianity
Religion Christian
Qualificiation Persuing school
Education No Record
Sexuality Straight
Famous For As a biggest child Artist
Profession | Occupation Child YouTuber, Vlogger, Digital Content Creator
Net Worth $21 Million (2022)

About Anastasia: Like Nastya

Anastastasia Radzinska, who is also known as nastya, stacy, or nastya on social media, is a Russian-American YouTuber. Nastasya’s parents started a Youtube channel in 2016 to show toy unboxing. However, it soon became too much for me. Since we started the channel, the Like Nerja Channel and its companion YouTube Channel in different languages has made Nerja the biggest Kids YouTube Channel in the world. It also became the most popular Youtube Kids Vlogger, and that is according to the total views and subscribers.

As for nastya, it is one of the topmost subscribed channels in the world. It is possible to watch the video on his channels in many languages, as well. Nastasya is one of the highest paid YouTubers in the world. In 2021, Forbes estimated that she earned a net income of $19 million annually.

On December 11, when the video first appeared in Radzinskaya’s native Russian on her nastya YouTube channel, Kid Cop Routines has been viewed more than 90 million times. This new version of the video, which was re-edited for an English-speaking audience, has now reached 7 million views.

The one and only nastya who was the first child to earn laughs on the internet by disciplining a child who is mischievous, has accumulated a level of fame that is rare for artists, regardless of their age. As of the month of February, according to Social Blade, Like Nerdya has been ranked #3 or #4 among the most watched YouTube channels in the world. Nastya’s huge network of channels, on which she dubs her shows in nine different languages, generates about 101 million views per day. A year ago, YouTube became very popular, and it became worldwide known. So nastya earned more than $20 million from YouTube. Recently, he moved to South Florida. There, he continues to make videos for his young fans all over the world.

There was a time when most Youtube creators did not feel obliged to make their videos to be tailored for different international markets, because Youtube is very large and allows them to reach every country in the world without paying for dubbing. If Nastya succeeds, it could cause other top YouTube acts to rethink that strategy. For some content, localizing it can double or even triple the revenue, according to Baumell.

At the time, doctors at Krasnodar, a city in southern Russia where more than 700,000 people live, were convinced that she had cerebral palsy and could never speak. His parents thought that the diagnosis that they made was wrong. When he first saw his daughter making a number of verbal advances, he was very happy and wanted to capture it in film. Then he sent the video to his doctors and relatives, and they posted it on the Internet.“We didn’t expect anyone else to see it, Yuri said.

That is, for many months, not many people did that. As it turned out, not only was her daughter able to talk, but she also had a very strong presence on the screen. You can ham it up like a skilled pro. In the end, when a clip of nastya playing with a batch of colored slime was played, there were thousands of spectators watching. Then Anna, it was unreal! We did not understand what was happening. 

As the audience for Nicea grew, Radzinskaya applied for YouTube’s affiliate program. Under the program, video producers are allowed to deduct from their earnings any income generated from ads that YouTube loads on their channels. For the first few months, the creators of YouTube did not reach the $100 minimum revenue threshold. In order to start paying for their work, the creators did not even reach that threshold. One year later, in mid-2017, he got his first check. From there, everything progressed quickly.

Anna is an event planner by training. So when she started writing scripts for videos, she coordinated filming schedules. While she was playing with dolls and exploring playgrounds, she surprised them by revealing hidden toys inside the playgrounds. That woman was opening eggs. Yuri, the director of a production company, quit his day job and became a part-time sidekick artist on “Like Nastya”. Thick, armed and tattooed, yuri could be played by a goon in a Russian mobster flick. His close relationship with Anastasia has become stronger over the years. Radzinska cites it as the primary reason for their very high popularity.

Unlike some other YouTube child actors, who also utilize the popular blog style, where they speak to their viewers as they shop toys and visit the mall, nastya videos have short, episodic plots. It is simple enough for a 3-year-old child to follow.

They need sound effects, jump cuts, and slapstick humor, just like young people need sugar, said Heather Kirkorian, a professor at Wisconsin-Madison who studies cognitive development and media. She said, You three Stooges, that’s it! It will play well with preschoolers. When the family went to Southeast Asia in 2017, they realized that their videos had traveled a very long way. It turns out that kids recognize him from YouTube, and they stop him when he goes out in public. When Yu was in Malaysia, some people approached us and said to him, ‘Why aren’t you speaking our language, so why aren’t you using it?’? We want to see you.

The parents say that they will not force their daughter to work any longer than she wants to. Large portions of her earnings will be set aside in a separate bank account. You said, all of it depends on her, really. So if she wakes up tomorrow and says that she does not want to do it, we won’t do it!

As everyone who has made some money on YouTube knows, you cannot stop watching for too long. There is always a group of rising stars who are always cranking out videos, hungry to challenge the biggest players. Sometime in the last few weeks, another child star has been replacing nastya in the popular Youtube ranking.socialblade reveals that nastya is suddenly running behind the kids diana show. Chanel has a daughter from Ukraine who is now six years old.

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