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Ivanka Marie ‘Ivanka Trump’ was born October 30, 1981, and is the daughter of former President Donald Trump; she served as a senior advisor in his administration and as the director of the Office of Economic Initiatives and Entrepreneurship. Her mother, Ivana Trump, is the first Jewish member of the Trump family. She converted before marrying Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law. As executive vice president of her family’s business, the Trump Organization, she also served as a boardroom judge on her father’s TV show, The Apprentice. She joined her father’s presidential administration alongside Jared Kushner in March 2017 after leaving the Trump Organization. Trump voluntarily agreed to file “financial disclosure forms required of federal employees and to be bound by the same ethics rules” after ethics concerns were raised about her access to classified material without being subject to the same restrictions as a federal employee. As an official employee of the White House, she operated her clothing brand business until July 2018, which raised additional ethics concerns, specifically conflicts of interest and distrust of the White House. Trump was considered a member of the president’s inner circle even before becoming an official employee of the White House. 

Ivanka Trump Net Worth 

Donald Trump’s daughter, Vanka Trump, is a businesswoman, writer, and former model with a net worth of more than $800 million, combined with her husband Jared Kushner..

Ivanka Trump
Date of Birth30 Oct ,1981
Height5 ft 10 in
ProfessionBusinessperson, Fashion Model
Net Worth$800 Million

ivanka trump  Life

Ivanka Marie “Ivanka” Trump was born in Manhattan, New York City, on 30 October 1981. Donald Trump is the second child of Ivana and Donald Trump. Her father is of German and Scottish ancestry, while her mother is Czech and Austrian. For most of her life, Trump has been known as “Ivanka,” a diminutive form of Ivana. 

As a young girl, Trump attended the Chapin School in New York City until she transferred to Choate Rosemary Hall in Wallingford, Connecticut. 


Trump worked at Forest City Enterprises before she joined the Trump Organization, the family business. She also partnered with Dynamic Diamond Corp., a diamond trading company, to design Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry. Ivanka Trump’s first flagship store, aptly named on Madison Avenue, was in Manhattan, but later relocated to the fashionable SoHo district in New York before closing in 2015. Her own line of handbags and footwear was sold through major U.S. and Canadian department stores like Macy’s and Hudson’s Bay, and within a few years her business generated north of $75 million annually. She then developed a line of workwear for women that reached $100 million in annual revenue. Ivanka licensed the use of her name for these deals and received 7% of the wholesale proceeds. At her peak, she earned around $10 million in pre-tax earnings per year from these lines. She shut down the lines in 2018 due to lagging sales.

The Trump daughter publicly endorsed her father’s presidential campaign in 2015. She resigned from her position at the Trump Organization in January 2017. The First Daughter and Senior Advisor to the Present is a government employee, but receives no salary. In March 2017 she was appointed to the position. Her father’s administration received her support and she participated in an official trip to the first W20 women’s summit in 2017 and the 2019 G20 summit in Osaka. She also spoke with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un during her father’s visit. 

Kim Jong-Un in June 2019. She led a delegation of U.S. officials to India in the fall of 2017 to promote women’s entrepreneurship worldwide. In 2019, she launched her “Women’s Global Development and Prosperity Initiative”. Her travels for this program have taken her to Ethiopia, the Ivory Coast, Argentina, Colombia, Paraguay, and Morocco. She also promoted the initiative at the 74th United Nations General Assembly. 

 Personal Life

She met real estate developer Jared Kushner through mutual friends in 2005, and they dated for a short time in 2008 before they reunited and married in October 2009. He and Trump have three children together. She previously dated investment banker Greg Hersch and financial consultant James “Bingo” Gubelmann. Trump converted to Orthodox Judaism in July 2009. Donald Trump was sworn in as president for the 45th time in 2017.

ivanka trump Financial Disclosures

The Kushner and Ivanka businesses have a combined worth of $740 million, as revealed in an April 2017 financial disclosure. The Kushner Companies, which Jared’s family company owns, operate around $7 billion in real estate assets across the country. Jared has estimated his own personal net worth at $325 million in 2017. The Westminster Management company, which owns 20,000 apartments across the country, paid Jared $1.5 million between April 2017 and June 2018. Ivanka reported $55 million worth of assets in her June 2018 disclosure. Jon’s June 2018 disclosure adjusted the number down slightly to $710 million. According to the statement, she also earned $3.9 million from her stake in the Trump International Hotel in Washington, DC, and $5 million from a trust worth more than $50 million. As far as the vast majority of their father’s businesses are concerned, Trump, Donald Jr., and Eric still do not own any shares. Each of the siblings owns 7.5% of the Trump International Hotel in Washington D.C. Over the past two decades, each of the brothers has earned around $35 million annually as a member of the Trump Organization.

ivanka trump Real Estate

According to the Miami Herald, Jared and Ivanka have paid $30 million for an undeveloped 1.8-acre plot of land in Miami known as Indian Creek. In two transactions, Latin crooner Julio Iglesias bought the land and built a mansion on it. He had owned that plot for decades before he sold it. After demolishing the mansion, he purchased the adjacent property for $15,2 million in 2008, which created nearly 2-acres of empty ocean-front land. Among the residents of the island are Beyonce & Jay-Z, Eddie Lampert, NFL coach Don Shula, and Adriana Lima, a supermodel. Even with the owner’s permission, visitors cannot visit the island without a written authorization from him. Getting out of your car is illegal on the island unless you were invited to a residence. There are approximately 40 full-time residents on the island and about 14 police officers. The island is often referred to as the “Billionaire Bunker”.

Who is Ivanka Trump

The daughter of former US President Donald Trump, Ivanka Marie “Ivanka” Trump is an American businesswoman and a member of the Trump family.


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