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John Andrew Henry Forrest was born in 1961. Andrew Forrest is his preferred name, though Twiggy Forrest also appears on occasion. He is a mining tycoon headquartered in Perth, Australia. He served as the Fortescue Metals Group’s CEO before becoming the organization’s non-executive chairman. With a net worth of USD 2.2 billion, Forrest ranked 847th on the Forbes Billionaires List as of 2015. He is included among the top ten wealthiest Australians by BRW magazine and was also the richest person in Australia in 2008. 

Andrew Forrest Net Worth

Andrew Forrest’s net worth is $1 billion. Forrest is a mining tycoon from Western Australia. Fortescue Metals Group, the fourth-largest producer of iron ore in the world, currently has Andrew Forrest as its non-executive chairman (FMG). He started working for Fortescue in April 2003, during the time the Pilbara Iron Ore and Infrastructure Project was being developed. He was also the Company’s first non-executive Chairman at the time. Two years later, he was named Chief Executive Officer. Then he returned to his non-executive Chairman position in August 2011. In addition to the aforementioned roles, Mr. Forrest serves as Chairman of The Australian Children’s Trust in West Australia and as Non-Executive Chairman of Poseidon Nickel Limited.

He held a number of positions prior to his current ones, including those of Chairman of the Murrin Murrin Joint Venture, Director of the West Australian Chamber of Minerals and Energy, Chairman of Athletics Australia, Chairman of Moly Mines Ltd., and Chairman of Siberia Mining Corporation Ltd. He was also Chief Executive Officer and Deputy Chairman of Anaconda Nickel Ltd. (now Minara Resources Ltd.), which is now in its current position. After earning his degree in economics and politics from the University of Western Australia, Andrew Forrest began to develop his lengthy professional career. Additionally, he generously supports the nonprofit Australian Indigenous Education Foundation and serves as its official public ambassador.
NameAndrew Forrest
Date of Birth18 November 1961
Age60 Years
Height5 ft 7 inc
Salary$ 2.3 Million Every Day
Net Worth$ 1 Billion

Andrew Forrest Early Life

Australia’s Perth is where Forrest was born. He was the third youngest child and the great-great nephew of John Forrest, the first premier of Western Australia. Forrest spent a lot of his early years at the Minderoo Station working as a jackeroo on the family ranch; his great-grandfather was a co-owner of the property. Since he was young, he had a speech impediment, which meant “if I had to get up and respond to a question in a classroom, well, I was toast.”

This was a conflict that Forrest ultimately prevailed in. He ultimately dealt with his stammer at Hale School, beating it with will and work. He attended the University of Western Australia after high school, where he earned a double degree in politics and economics.

Andre Forrest Early Career

Forrest worked as a stockbroker at Jacksons and Kirke Securities after graduating. In his early thirties, he started and rose to the position of CEO of Anaconda Nickel, now Minara Resources. Thanks to the Murrin Murrin Joint Venture project, Minara Resources is currently one of Australia’s top single exporters of minerals.

Andrew Forrest Subsequent Career

In 2003, Forrest acquired ownership of Allied Mining and Processing. After that, it adopted the name Fortescue Metals Group. Currently, FMG is in possession of significant deposits in the Tongolo, Cloudbreak, Christmas Creek, and Mount Nicholas regions. Through his privately held firm, The Metal Group, Forrest continues to be a significant stakeholder. He later bought Niagara Mining in 2007.

He patiently and diligently attained his long-term aim in 2009 by purchasing his family’s ranch, Minderoo, which had been sold off by his family in 1998 as a result of years of bankruptcy and drought. According to him, “any chance I got, I still went back to the land,” a maxim he still upholds. He was a Western Region finalist for Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2011. With the acquisition of Harvey Beef and Allied Medical, he has now expanded into the medical and beef businesses.


The Giving Pledge was signed by Andrew and Nicola Forrest in 2013:

“We aim to empower those who are now oppressed by slavery, poverty, and a lack of opportunities for their children and themselves. We believe that if we all do what we can with what we have, no matter how much or how little, then everyone of us will contribute to making our world a more just and conducive place for others to flourish.”

Personal Life

Forrest and Nicola Forrest are married, and the two of them have three kids altogether. His religion is Christianity, and in 2014 he took part in the Vatican City Joint Religious Leaders Declaration Against Modern Slavery. Rupert Murdoch, a media magnate, and Olympic sprinter Cathy Freeman are just two of his numerous pals. In addition to his business ventures, he has an adjunct professorship at Chinese Southern University. He also has a fancy boat and is a passionate amateur boxer.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the Net Worth of Andrew Forrest?

1,473 crores USD.

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