All the Vehicles that are Seized Under the Prohibition Act will be e-auctioned in Bihar and Must be Registered Online.

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Vehicles that have been seized under the prohibition of alcohol act in the state of Bihar are now e-auctioned. To accomplish this, the prohibition, excise, and registration department is working with a central government undertaking called MSTTC (Metal Scrap Trade Corporation) Limited. What is important is that this auction is done online. By doing that, anyone will be able to participate easily in the e-auction of the seized vehicles in any district. It is important to know that mstc is a subsidiary of the Steel Authority of India. As a result, Steel Authority also provides e-commerce services.

On the website of MSTC, we will tell you that, to conduct the e-auction, first, the details of the seized vehicle will be uploaded. If you see that statement in the E-auction section of the website, the person who is interested in buying the vehicle can register by simply entering his mobile number and email. After you arrive at the site, you will be completely satisfied with the vehicle that you see. The e-auction process will start at the time and day that you have specified. On the day of the event, all the registered persons will be informed in advance.

On April 8, at the Patna-Sadar sub divisional office, the first trial of using an electronic auction to find out if a vehicle has been seized. The results of the auction were online on the website of 350 vehicles. From the 257 vehicles that were sold. There was also a revenue from the sale of vehicles, which was estimated to be Rs. 32 lakh. But in fact, more than double that amount of revenue, which was estimated to be Rs. 76 lakh. Under the prohibition act, the seized vehicles are now being auctioned by MSTCC. After the successful trial of the system in the Patna-Sadar Sub-Divisional Office, the authorities gave instructions to implement it in other districts.

A liquor ban has been put in place in Bihar since 1st April 2016.

In the state government, the government will receive almost 4000 crores. It will be a loss. So the government believes that this is the right thing to do as far as the social impact. Alcohol consumption is increasing in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Each year the people of Bihar drink 14.10 lakh litres of alcohol. That amount included 990.36 lakh litres of country liquor and 420 lakh litres of foreign liquor. There are only about 6 000 liquor stores in the whole of Bihar. According to the report, the money that people are paid for buying and selling liquor increased tenfold during the last decade. In 2005-06, the government generated Rs. 295 crores from its liquor market. It increased to more than 3000 crores in 2014, with the result that the government had more liquor to drink.

We have set the target for 2015-16 at 4000 crores. So, the beer market in the US increased by 10%, and in Bihar it increased by more than 30%. The first liquor ban was implemented on 9 July 2015. In Nitish’s program, a woman said, ‘Chief minister, stop drinking alcohol. That house is about to be completely destroyed.’ After that, Nitish quickly declared that when he returns to the government, he will stop drinking alcohol. On Thursday, he carried out his first mission.

Ban imposed for the 2nd time in Bihar

A year earlier, Karpoori Thakur had also imposed a ban. It was withdrawn after a year and half. The income that governments receive from alcohol is the biggest. That is the reason why the ban was imposed in Andhra-pradesh, Haryana, and Tamil-Nadu provinces, but considering the revenue loss, the decisions were also withdrawn. There are some questions about what might happen to the future of Bihar, and that women should be concerned about this, so Nitish Kumar says that he will strictly implement this decision. We will explore various other ways to make up for the loss.

There is a Ban in these states

Gujarat, Nagaland, Lakshadweep, and some parts of Manipur district. After 30 May 2014, liquor shops in Kerala have stopped getting licenses from the state. That is the purpose of having complete bans on your religion for the next few years.

Here Was the Ban Earlier

Liquor was forbidden in Andhra-pradesh, Haryana, and Mizoram states. It could not work. Now they also sell alcohol.

What The Constitution Says

Under the provisions that are set out in the Constitution, article 47 states that the government must work to prevent the use of alcohol and other intoxicating substances that can harm the health of the people.

The Woman Raised her Voice, Changed the Mood

On 9 July 2015, in the village talk program that was held in Patna, the cm had asked about the prohibition on the demands of women related to their livelihood. Nitish sat down after the address and received some food. In the background, a woman’s voice reverberated, and it was saying, “You, chief minister, please stop drinking alcohol!”. The house that was destroyed is destroyed. Many more women started talking. Finally, the cm got up and said on the mic, – the next time he comes to the government, he will do what I suggested.

Deal with Smuggling

In 1977 – 78, the government banned the drinking of alcohol in Bihar state. But then she did not succeed. Some people think that if there is a ban, then people will be asked from other countries to come from there. I want to say to people that when they encounter such a situation, we will handle it. So the work should be donem – Nitish Kumar.

Special things Related to liquor Business

13% of people drink alcohol everyday
30% of people drink alcohol in India. 4 to 13% of people drink regularly. Third largest country in terms of consumption. 6 every year
The number is growing at a rate of 8%.
Rural Indians spend 45% of their income on alcohol.20% of deaths are caused by drunk driving.
Consumption increased by 04 times of country liquor, 5 times of foreign liquor b Beer consumption increased by 11 times in the last few years.


When Will Alcohol Start in Bihar in 2022?

So the government of Bihar can introduce the prohibition of alcohol and excise amendment bill-2022 at the next holi celebration. After the Nitish government approved the bill, the possibilities of it happening increased. The government has also sent copies of the amendment bill for legislators to read.

Will liquor start Again in Bihar?

Patna. In the wake of the High Court ruling, the chief minister of the state Nitish Kumar on Saturday put an end to the confusion about the prohibition of alcohol in the state. On Sunday, the chief minister announced that the new law regarding the prohibition of alcohol will enter into force. I do not think there is a better day than this day to think about Mahatma Gandhi.

When will sand start in Bihar?

A live e-auction for 100 sand ghats in Bihar is expected to start on December 10. At this moment, its technical bid starts on December 6. The supreme court ruled that the decree was valid and that it was effective on November 10, 2021. There are currently about 150 sand ghats in eight districts, including Patna district in the state.

What happened to liquor in Bihar?

It was reported that during the period of January to October 2020, 49 thousand people were arrested in raids. Together with alcoholics, liquor smugglers were also involved in the matter. On that particular day, the authorities confiscated 38 lakh 72 thousand 645 liters of illicit liquor. In addition to the prisons and the courts, the burden of prohibiting women from entering the courts of Bihar increased also.

How to Participate In e-auction Bihar?

any participants can be registered online and make a purchase of vehicle

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